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Thursday August 02, 2007

CKS Oil Field Services and Equipment.


We can provide Variable Frequency Drive sales and installation for your oil well pumping units.  We have been working hard to bring our oil patch operations up to speed.  

  •  Less operating cost per BBL equals more money in your pocket and your investor's pockets.   
  •  It's much easier to change the speed of your pumping unit with simple digital controls which adjust your motor's RPM.  
  • Constant, variable speed pumping is much better than traditional time clocks and contactors with timed on/off operation. 
  • Less operating demand and power consumption.
  • Remote control capable at oil fields with computer networks when purchased with communications modules. (applies to certain models).



Call Dave today for your applications.  Have Motor Horsepower, Voltage and Phase information available when you call.


Service and Installation:

We currently can provide installation in the Illinois Basin which includes Southern Illinois, Indiana and Western Kentucky.












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